How do the gaming sets work?

A gaming set gives you food, a drink and 2 hours of access (for 1 person) to all of our games!

What if I do not want to eat or drink and just want to play?

No problem! You can play games for $10 per hour per person.  

Can we bring and play our own games?

Yes you can! But the gaming fee still applies.

How does the private room cover charge work?

Our private room has a cover charge of $20 per hour which is on top of any of your ala-carte or gaming set orders.

So I booked the private room, what do I do next?

Awesome! Now you can have a look at our menu and decide on your gaming set/ food and drink.

What is the maximum number of people we can have in a group?


From now till Oct 24,  dine-in and social gathering group sizes will be capped at 2 people.

Is our cafe Halal certified?

We are not Halal certified because we serve alcohol, but our ingredients are Halal.