How do the gaming sets work?

Gaming sets come with food & drinks!

Each person in your group is tagged to one gaming set. Each gaming set has a complimentary 2 hours of gaming.
Eg, if your group has 6 pax, you will need 6 gaming sets.

What if i do not want any food or drinks?

Not a problem, we do offer an ala-carte gaming option, which is purely just gaming, at $9/hour per pax. We insist that you have masks on during your session.

Can we bring and play our own games?

Yes you can! But the ala-carte gaming charge still applies.

How does the private room charges work?

Our private room has a cover charge of $40/2 hrs which is on top and a separate charge from the rest of the gaming sets.

Hourly extensions are available at $20/hr*

*Subjected to availability

So i booked the private room, what do i do next?

Nice! Next is to see whether you'd want to purchase gaming sets or ala-carte gaming

What is the maximum number of people we can have in a group?


According to regulations, the maximum number of people we can accomodate in a group is 5 people.

(From 8th May 2021 till further notice)
Is our cafe halal certified?


Our ingredients are halal, we however aren't halal certified as we serve alcohol

Can we bring in our own food & drinks?


No outside food or drinks are allowed in our cafe