Tapas Gaming

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Friday, Saturday, Eve and PH

Before 6pm: $16.90 per guest*

   After 6pm: $19.90 per guest*

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

$15.90 per guest*

 In this package, each individual will enjoy:

  • One choice of Tapas from the range of $4.00 - $8.90 on the A La Carte menu

  • 2 hours of gaming

  • Free flow drinks of up to 30 selected beverages (non-alcoholic)

  • Top up just $2, on every hour extension (per guest)


Choices of Free Flow drinks:

Heaven and Earth

1. Mango tea with a hint of camomile

2. Lemon Tea

3. Jasmine Green tea

4. Passionfruit Tea

Healthy Choices

1. Ayataka Japanese green tea

2. Honey green tea

3. Kiyo grape juice

4. Red Grape Juice

5. White Grape Juice

6. Orange Juice

7. Apple Juice

8. Mixed berry juice

9. Carrot juice

10. Chrysanthemum white tea

11. Jasmine green tea

12. Honey Lemon

13. Soursop juice

14. Houjicha Tea

15. Barley

16. Oolong Tea

17. Wintermelon Tea

18. Milo

19. Orange Juice

20. Apple Juice

21. Ice water

Pokka Beverages

1. Coffee

2. Mocha

3. Milk Tea

4. Peach Tea

5. Lemon tea

6. Winter melon tea

7. Chrysanthemun tea

Carbonated Beverages

1. Coke

2. Coke zero

3. Coke Stevia

4. Coke light

5. Rootbeer

6. Sprite

7. Fanta grape

8. Fiji apple

Hot Beverages

1. Japanese Green tea

2. Mocha 

3. Cappucino

4. Milk Tea

5. Mango Tea

6. Oolong Tea

7. Hot Water

*Enjoy $0.90 discount on any Tapas / $1.50 for additional 2 scoop of ice-cream

*You can top up the difference for other Tapas

*Any extension is based on availability on the day of visit. Please kindly check the availability with our game host. 


*You enjoy 7% GST discount. Settlers absorbs GST. 


*all prices are subjected to 10% service charge.


*No wastage of drinks. Any 2 cans of drinks adding up to 500ml will be charged at $3.20 per can / packet at the end of the session. No drinks allowed to be taken out of the cafe.


*For more information on Tapas choices, refer to the a la carte menu here.

*Tapas gaming is not available to 13 guests and above.



39 North Canal Road S059295

(Clarke Quay MRT

Station exit A)


Monday   : closed

Tuesday  : 6pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 6pm - 11pm 

Thursday : 6pm - 11pm


Friday      : 2pm - 2am


Saturday  : 2pm - 2am


Sunday    : 2pm - 8pm

Eve & PH :

Please view our website-slide screen & Facebook Page for more


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For email reservation, the following will be required:


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2. Time of visit


3. Number of guests

4. Name

5. Mobile Number

Your email reservation will be confirmed only upon our acknowledgement.

Please kindly check your email for our reply. Thank you.

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