Social Distancing at Mosanco Settlers Café: Playing our part for the society.

Dear Customers,


We are opened to serve you.

We care about you. During this concern period, we have stepped up measures to protect you and to give you peace of mind to dine and enjoy the moments with your loved ones.

We will continue to open our Cafe to serve you with the following measures:

• 1 meter between tables or different groups of diners.

• All customers must wait outside the Cafe until our Staff escorts you in.

• The number of guests per table is limited to 8 guests:

• You are encouraged to come on time.

• Let us take up our social responsibility to save lives. If you are feeling unwell and developed these symptoms, please see a doctor immediately and rest at home. These symptoms are: 

 • Fever 

 • Cough

 • Shortness of breath

• If you have received Stay Home Notice from the Government, please stay at home. Your act will save lives.

We believe that this concern period will end one day. Let us show care, consideration, and kindness to encourage everyone whom we meet.

See you soon beautiful people.

Best regards, 
Mosanco Settlers Café.