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Armada 3

Armada 3

A game of pirates and peril.

Hidden deep in an archipelago serving as a lair for pirate bands, lies a largely unexplored island, bitterly defended by ferocious natives. A rumour has been circulating through sleazy taverns that this land may be a genuine Eldorado. What self-respecting pirate could resist the temptation of sending their crew to seize the gold that may be hidden there? Especially if doing so would make that pirate the Captain of the entire archipelago! To succeed, players must defend their territories, vanquish hostile natives and amass gold. Any players who do not could fall into enemy hands...

As the captain of your own pirate bands, you get 10 moves per turn to command your crew, load your ships, explore unknown territories, attack your opponents, etc. You also have special cards that you can use to make your moves more effective, or to counter those are by your opponents. So you have a wide range of manoeuvres that you can use to lead your motley crew to victory.

- Description from the box

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