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Aladdin's Dragons

Aladdin's Dragons

Long before the sun rises in our lands, Aladdin and his friends are already busy, searching the Dragons' caves for treasures. Treasures they will take to the city to buy the magical artefacts available only in the Caliph's palace. Along the way, they may haggle with traders in the market and visit the magician to acquire his arcane spells. Taking treasures from dragons and dealing with traders and magicians may be interesting, but not as important as acquiring the Caliph's marvellous artefacts. And marvellous they are: flying carpets, magic lamps, keys to the palace, and other objects of power and wonder.

Although the rules for playing the game are simple, the strategies for winning are not. On every turn, a player must decide whether to concentrate on taking treasures, getting spells, or visiting the Caliph to barter for his artefacts.

Aladdin's Dragons is a game with subtle strategies to challenge the most ardent of game players. But the rules are simple and the game is fun and exciting for casual players.

May Allah be with you!

- Description from the box

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